Normandy Oysters and mussels

Shellfish farming since 1968

in brief

Parks Delisle father and sons,

shellfish production company, Mussels since 1968 and Oysters since 1972 represented today by the 3rd generation of the Delisle family




After several working years we ended in 2014 in the production of two ranges of luxury oysters defined by their place of final refining, "Utah Beach" and "Pointe of Agon"


Fresh mussel

We produce for more than 40 years farmed mussels (on mussel bed) in a natural site of exception, the "Pointe d'Agon" in Normandy




Nous travaillons principalement sur la côte ouest du Cotentin car notre entreprise est basée à la CABANOR   (Coopérative d'Aquaculture de Basse-Normandie)

Nos parcs conchylicoles sont situés à Blainville-sur-mer, Gouville-sur-mer, Agon-Coutainville et Utah Beach.


Prestigious oyster, our range "Pointe of Agon" was rewarded in 2015 by a silver medal in the agricultural competitive examination which takes place every year in Paris during the agricultural national show.

For the second time, our "DS Pointe d'Agon" range was awarded in 2016, during its second contest, with a silver medal at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris 2016 (page 3) during the agricultural fair.

For its third General Agricultural Competition in Paris, our "DS Pointe d'Agon" range was awarded a gold medal in 2017.

Mickaël Delisle en train de tourner des poches
Mickaël Delisle en train de tourner des poches

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